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Client Testimonials

Our agency has served hundreds of clients all over Maryland. We want you to hear some of what they have said regarding our home care services.

One of We Keep An Eye On You, Inc.’s patrons had been commended by a patient of ours way back in February 1993.

Her sentiments are what follows below:


I highly recommend Marvica Medley for their care in February 1993.

I didn’t use much attention but was incapacitated after knee surgery. My husband, however, was
suffering from his final stages of liver cancer and required a great deal of attentive care.

Despite what weight arose, Marvica was always alert, cheerful, quiet and competent. If she ever had the slightest question about what step to take, she never hesitated to consult the doctor.

She added a great deal to our comfort and peace of mind.

Marion P. Gesell

*Marion P. Gesell is the wife of late Gerhard Gesell, a former U.S. District Judge, considered to be one of the smartest judges in the Washington D.C. court.

Our agency has served hundreds of clients all over Washington Metropolitan area to include:

  • Prince George County
  • Montgomery County
  • Washington DC County
  • Nothern Virginia County